House floor plan software freeware

Floor planner

Archifacile software freeware is easy to use and does not require a computer to run last generation. It allows to design a house online or build a house online. It may well be used for floor plan or house plan, for a garage plan , plan wooden house, a garden shed or plan pool, see to build his house or his house for sale for example.

The construction of the house plan involves several steps. You are the architect. At first, you draw the walls to create rooms that are each the kitchen, bathroom and rooms. Then you add that the openings are doors, windows and shutters. You can choose the direction of opening doors and shutters. Finally You can design your home with objects and furniture which you define the dimensions and choose an image. When the plan is complete, you can download your map in PDF format to print it or send it to your friends.

The 1 users trying to draw a house plan